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Welcome to Puerto Vallarta’s Private Yacht Rentals

Behind every successful private yacht charter you will find attention to detail in every part of the process. We listen carefully to our customers needs and detailed requests. We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations every time and we look forward to creating your perfect yacht getaway or corporate event, at Vallarta Yacht Rentals we deliver long lasting memories.

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Professionally Crewed Yacht in Puerto Vallarta

Our skilled Captains and crew possess vast expertise about the surrounding cruising region, enabling you to witness the finest attractions along the renowned coastline of Puerto Vallarta.

The Captain will be accompanied by a deck hand to support their responsibilities and ensure top-notch hospitality for our guests in Puerto Vallarta. Depending on the number of individuals on board, whether it’s a private or corporate Charter, Vallarta Yacht Rentals will organize extra crew members to fulfill your specific needs. This may involve stewards, waiters, hostesses, and a skilled Chef, of course.

Why Choose Puerto Vallarta Yacht Rentals for an Unparalleled Yacht Rental Experience

Renting a yacht in Puerto Vallarta is an unforgettable experience. With Puerto Vallarta Yacht Rentals, you can immerse yourself in luxury and explore the breathtaking beauty of the Mexican coast. Our seamless booking process ensures convenience and peace of mind, while our expert crew caters to your every need. Don’t miss the opportunity to create extraordinary memories on the open waters – choose Puerto Vallarta Yacht Rentals for an unparalleled yacht rental experience.

How can I rent a yacht in Puerto Vallarta?

To rent a yacht in Puerto Vallarta, simply contact a reputable yacht rental company in the area. They will provide you with information on available yachts, prices, and any additional services or requirements. It's best to book in advance to ensure availability